Please consult the following procedures (where applicable) in order to ensure a complete submission.

If you are a foreign national holding a foreign passport you may be required to provide additional documentation to travel to the country you have chosen for your program.

Although T&E offers informational support, it will be the sole responsibility of the participant to determine what documents are needed and to obtain those documents prior to departure.

ATTENTION: If your passport specifies (or will specify) a middle name, you must include that middle name on this application. If you do not have a middle or a middle name will not appear on your passport or travel documents you can continue with your application at this time.

ATTENTION: T&E will ask you to take a short placement test to determine your language proficiency for placement purposes. Until then we ask that you provide a self-assessed level to help with advanced planning in current language level in this application. Your placement test results will override this response given the test is taken when requested and in a timely manner. Look out for the placement one month prior to your program start day.


Name* Middle Name Last Name*
Date of birth GenderCitizen of (Country)


Please check your passport validity before departure, for more information please visit:

US Passport Other
Passport NºIssuing Country
Date Issue Expiration Date


Institution*Current Classification
Class StandingMajorMinor
Cumulative G.P.A.Current language level**
**Note: T&E will use this information for initial placement purposes

In order to receive credit from your home institution you must follow the protocol established by your institution. Please confirm below...

I have been in contact with the study abroad office (or the appropriate office or individual) of my home institution regarding the transfer of credits of the courses in which I am registering with T&E. I am aware of all of the policies and procedures of my home institution regarding the application process, credit transfers, financial aid and other applicable information and procedures particular to my institution: